A great many energy meters are directly connected to the incoming power lines and require the customer network to be disconnected in order to safely exchange the meter, as in the case of a Smart Meter roll-out.

SEIDL GMBH offers connector blocks with pre-fitted connector pins, both for three-phase and alternating current networks. This reduces assembly time and logistic efforts of field technicians to a great extent.

These pre-fitted connector blocks can be adapted to the specific needs of the individual network providers. The legally imposed calibration intervals for Smart Meters is currently set at eight years, a measure that protects both energy providers and customers. A meter exchange without interrupting the customer network and up to 80 % reduction of intervention time pay back the connector cost even at the first meter exchange.

The calibration process becomes much easier when using the SEIDL connector system.

A general exchange of energy meters is a unique opportunity for network providers with respect to:

·        Increase safe working procedures for field technicians

·        Reduce cost for future meter exchanges (random calibration, complaints ...)

·        Eliminate customer network interruption, i.e. increase customer satisfaction

·        Reduce the number of customer claims after meter exchange (N-line breakage, inversion of the rotating field ...)

Expert’s tip:

"A roll-out is a perfect opportunity to analyse the interaction between connector block and energy meter and look out for eventual problems or dangerous situations such as excessive heating of contacts or electronic metering units. In my experience, this immediately allows us to eliminate the risk of fire or premature failure of metering units…"

Ing. Dominic Litzka

President of OVE TSK IS 23A, IS121B, AG IS 23V, Expert OVE TK IS, TSK IS 23B/C, 23G, 23H, President of the Safety Commission & Deputy Superintendent of TGM Testing Centre.


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