Seidl Klemme mit Inserts

Connector block with Inserts in special ALEF composite for connexion or exchange of Energy Meters / Smart Meters without power interruption of the local network.

The connector complies with ÖVE R21:2015 requirements.

„Open contact”, allows assembly with different Meter models from a wide range of meter manufacturers. The connector block, together with the different system components guarantee a safe mounting, a perfect connexion connection and satisfied customers for many years to come.

Assembly must be performed by professionally trained electrician.

Shunting device SL-ZAKW-UEW

Seidl Überbrückungsgriff

This shunting device is specially designed to fit the SL-ZAKW AC connector block.

The device is used to realise a meter exchange without disconnecting the customer network from the AC power grid.