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SL-ZAKW-63A Connector

SL-AKS/Z-80A Connector

SL-ZAKD-80A Connector

Shunting device for ZAKW Connectors

Shunting device for AKS/Z and ZAKD Connectors

System- Meter Connector Pins

Connector for Network Providers







Specially for Network Providers, we pre-fit the correct connector pins into the connector block.  Compatible cover shields are available on demand.

Rollout Connector






For an easy Smart Meter Rollout pre-fitted pins expedite the logistical process and speed up assembly on site.

Tools and Tool Sets








We have different professional tools and tool sets on offer. All of them specially selected to have a perfect match with our products.

ALU Conductor bars







Conductor bars in aluminium to replace copper bars in electrical cabinets.