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S+ Certification by ESTI

Connector models

  • SL-AKS/Z 80(128) A or
  • SL-ZAKD 80(128) A

Are both certified by ESTI (Eidgenössisches Starkstrominspektorat), the Swiss Industry High Current Technical Supervisory Board, to carry the S+ Label.

Product overview
Data sheets


(1) tested and approved with overload 2h 128A pre-fused at 80A NH or D02

The most compact Meter Connector System for direct current metering up to 128 A.

This novelty offers following advantages:

  • Standardised components up to 128A
  • Compact built
  • Standard meter covers are compatible with high current meters
  • reduction in storage and logistic cost
  • easiest application
  • high energy efficiency
  • Solid, proven technology
  • Sizes: 135 mm / 45 mm / 35 mm

Pre-assembled Rollout System are available

Torque controlled screw driver with transversal grip: TorqueFix Tplus electric 5,35 Nm

offers additional protection
Every single tool is tested at 10.000V AC and certified for use at 1.000V AC

Easier Operation
The „ComfortGrip”, transversal handle eases high torque screw driving.

Increase efficiency
A correct torque secures the materials, avoids damaging the screw and eliminates repairs

Decreases cost
The correct torque avoids guarantee claims.

ComfortGrip + Bit TX25

Download the data sheet Quergriff TorqueFix Tplus electric