Meteringdays 2020

The metering days will take place on September 22 and 23, 2020 in the Hotel Esperanto in Fulda.
Eventful metering days 2019 are behind us. To the great delight of the 700 visitors, the BSI and BMWi announced the market statement for 2019. The legal smart meter rollout is imminent!
We will monitor further developments. Implementation questions, best practices, solutions and product trends - you will find out all of this at metering days 2020.

Meteringdays 2019

The metering days took place on October 9th and 10th, 2019 in Fulda. At the annual conference and accompanying exhibition, the industry, consisting of municipal utilities, metering and grid operators, manufacturers and service providers, met to discuss the latest trends and developments in smart metering.
Further information about the program can be found here:

Power-days Salzburg 2017

What the power days show
Not just power in the name: More than 160 exhibitors, including 50 new companies, attracted numerous electrical engineers to Salzburg in mid-March.