Die SEIDLGROUP besteht aus den Unternehmen SEIDL GMBH und SEIDL ELEKTRONIK, spezialisiert auf Mechatronik und Elektronik.


SEIDLGROUPis an innovative producer of premium aluminium products such as meter connexion systems and is headquartered in Bregenz, Austria.

Our company’s success is based on a high innovative power, uncompromised quality targets, highly motivated personnel and partners that strive for continuous improvement.

Company mission

By combining interdisciplinary competences in the fields of metallurgy, engineering, machine and tool design, CNC production and mechatronics, many different skills combine into a unique greater dimension.

The use of innovative ALEF aluminium composite material and ingenious design, power dissipation can be reduced by up to 50 % in electrical connexion technology.


Primary design targets are:

·        Ease of assembly

·        Reduction of power consumption and labour tie

·        Safe use

·        Product longevity


ROHS compliancy and pristine raw material resources and recycling properties are self-understood.






The unique and innovative character of the SEIDLGROUP lays in its research & development of durable Aluminium Materials for Railway and Electricity industries. The newly developed ALEF aluminium composite is revolutionary in the field of electrics, combining highest conductivity, best corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties and 100% recyclability. SEIDL GMBH headquartered in Bregenz on the Lake Constance is an innovative producer of electrical connector materials and meter connexion systems with key competences in following fields:

– Aluminium based design

– ALEF Aluminium Electric Force composite materials
– Mechatronics
– Safety and protection technology