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Connector for Energy Counter

Connectors for energy meters are widely used in electrical distribution networks. They guarantee a faultless connection between incoming and outgoing power lines and the energy metering device. The ALEF Connector enables an exchange of Energy Meter without interrupting the power supply. This means that the customer network remains fully operational throughout the whole meter exchange procedure.

A general rollout exchanging classic electricity meters to smart meters is a unique opportunity for network operators to:
• Improve work safety conditions for network technicians
• Reduce cost of future meter exchanges (defect, calibration, …)
• Eliminate power customer cuts i.e. increase customer satisfaction
• Reduce the number of customer claims after meter exchange (N-line breakage, inversion of the rotating field...)


Properties of a safe, efficient and future oriented Energy Counter / Smart meter connector:
• Selectivity between Customer network and pre-meter overload protection
• Harmonizing nominal current of Counter / Smart meter (usually 60A) with already installed connexion systems
• Possibilities to expand the customer network (e.g. E charger)
• Wide temperature range T65 = compatibility for 80/63A load at 65°C ambient temperature


Safe working on lines under tension:
• Secured, high resistance connexion screws
• Certified tools are available
• Secured, certified shunting clamp
• Securable integral connector cover for open connexions (without meter)
• All products and system efficiency are certified by independent accredited bodies


Efficiency and Environment:
• Products hold a guaranteed minimum 10 meter-exchanges without noticeable pin or screw wear
• High energy efficiency through constant low energy loss
• ROHS - conformity
• Halogen free


Durability – Future Oriented
• Compatibility with all Meter / Smart Meter producers
• Highly resistant, solid construction
• Pre-equipped for future customer network extension

SEIDL Zähler-Anschlusssystem für Energiezähler und Smartmeter

Energy Efficiency